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Movement Joint 51 Series
A watertight roof profile available in 3 width and designed for use on flat roofs. The profiles are manufactured from Nitriflex rubber and are highly elastic, hot bitumen resistant and weldable to PVC or NBR waterproofing sheets. The 51 series may also be used in pitched roofs and may be mechanically fixed. The 499 & 500 series watertight movement joints can be used in roofing subject to pedestrian traffic.
Movement Joint 51-025
Joint width: 25mm
Overall width: 300mm
Profile height: 28mm
Movement: 40mm (+/-20)
Insert colour: Black
Standard length: 25.0m
Movement Joint 51-050
Joint width: 50mm
Overall width: 500mm
Profile height: 50mm
Movement: 50mm (+/-25)
Insert colour: Black
Standard length: 25.0m
Movement Joint 51-080
Joint width: 80mm
Overall width: 400mm
Profile height: 25mm
Movement: 60mm (+/-30)
Insert colour: Black
Standard length: 25.0m
Special purpose fittings and corner versions are also available on request.
Consult Movement Joints (UK) Ltd’s technical literature for details. Movement Joints (UK) Ltd can also provide a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

Movement joints:

Manufacturer: Movement Joints (UK) Ltd PO Box 10, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. PE13 4AN. Tel: 01945 450015. Fax 01945 450819. Web: www.mjuk.co.uk Email: info@mjuk.co.uk
Product reference:
Movement Joint 51-025
Movement Joint 51-050
Movement Joint 51-080