FB120 Fire barrier for expansion joints in floors and walls

  FB120 Fire barrier


Stainless steel sheets encapsulating an intumescent compound, providing 120 minutes fire protection.

This single profile is suitable for joint widths from 50mm up to 150mm and will provide a minimum +/-50mm movement capability.


Designed to be used in combination with our expansion joints and can provide resistance against fire penetration through the joints in floors and walls. Suitable for joints up to 150mm wide with +/-50mm movement rating.


• Lightweight
• Highly flexible
• Unaffected by water or moisture
• Up to 2hours fire rating
• Simple to install
• Maintenance free
• Testing to BS476 or clients individual requirements available




810 For wide expansion joints and use in mining, subsidence and seismic areas
Packaging: Manufactured in 2 metre lengths.

Colour: Natural

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